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Charleston, SC Personal Trainer

878 Whipple Road Plaza #100
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Date: March 23, 2017

self shot HomeDear Friend:

  • Are you tired of fitness myths, fad diets and other bogus claims which never help you reach your goals?
  • Are you ready for some REAL answers from our team of seasoned fitness professionals?
  • Do you want to feel sexier than ever and be more comfortable in your own skin as you say goodbye to love handles, muffin tops, flabby arms and other problem body areas?
  • Do you like the idea of a Charleston Personal Trainer or group training program which offers a money back guarantee – receive sensational results in less time than ever before?

Meet The Trainers

As a Charleston personal trainer for the past twelve years, I’ve helped over one thousand Charleston men and women transform their bodies, and improve their health, their happiness and their lives.

I’ve found that most real people out there like you and me fit into two groups. First, you have everyday people who are sick and tired of bogus fad workouts and diets which don’t provide results.

These individuals have wasted time, money and energy on false claims and are in desperate need of a real, legitimate solution, and a complete transformation package with guaranteed results.

The second group of people are fitness enthusiasts who have had success, but since have plateaued and simply cannot find a way to make more progress.

With the right cutting-edge techniques, personalized workouts, one-on-one support and guidance, these individuals can push forward once again in no time at all.


Lindsey Barrett
Mt. Pleasant, SC
As someone who never worked out on a regular basis, Blair made it easy for me to get started and work towards my goals leading up to my wedding. After seeing great success over the several months we worked together, we kept it going after the wedding and I am excited to celebrate one year with Blair as my trainer. My training has definitely helped me to establish a regular fitness routine and has me in better shape than ever before!
“My training has definitely helped me to establish a regular fitness routine…”

Mikelyn McGinnis
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Blair is extremely skilled in developing a program that gets results for your body type. I gained over 45 pounds during my pregnancy and had not worked out in a very long time. I was amazed at the progression of my strength. Not to mention, I am now back to my original weight with a few pounds to spare. His training has been the secret to my success.
“I was amazed at the progression of my strength.”

Jarrett Swan
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Jarrett is a NCAA Division 1 Golfer and began training with Synergy about a year ago. During that time, he has gained 16 pounds of lean muscle mass, increased his swing speed by 11 mph and improved his drive by more than 35 yards.
“We train athletes with sport specific training!”

Bonnie Grant
Charleston, SC
Since starting with Synergy, Bonnie has reduced her body fat by 4% as well as decreased her weight. She has gained lean muscle mass in her arms, back and legs resulting in a total loss of 6 inches. Bonnie’s core strength has increased significantly. She has more energy and is able to continue throughout her day without feeling tired and sluggish. Her diet has also improved by her awareness of daily calorie intake. She is now making smarter nutritional choices while eating on the go.
“She has more energy and is able to continue throughout her day without feeling tired and sluggish.”

Christine Hoelle
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Christine began training with Synergy in June 2011. As of today,Christine has: lost 32 pounds,reduced her body fat by 3.7%, reduced her BMI by 3.2 and lost a total of 28 inches from head to toe. Christine has gone from a stress-filled sedentary lifestyle with a diet of fast food, to a much more health conscious one which has led to her success! She now chooses plant based meals and keeps her body moving with consistent cardio and strength training. She is currently training for a 5K! All of these changes have led her to a more positive outlook and much more energy to deal with her Middle School French students!
“Lost 32 pounds and more than 28 inches!”

Ann Calhoun
Mt Pleasant, SC
Ann began training at Synergy Fitness three days a week in June, 2010. Since that time she has lost a total of 13 inches and has reduced both her body fat percentage and her BMI. When Ann began her wellness journey, she was already a healthy eater. Her food log was impeccable but she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted because she was missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. Adding strength training and cardiovascular exercise has not only drastically changed her appearance but has also improved her quality of life.
“Improved her quality of life!”

Amy Bethea
Mt Pleasant, SC
Amy has been training with Synergy’s Heather Morrison in order to supplement her extensive dance training. The combination of strength training, cardio and dance has Amy looking fabulous and feeling better than ever.
“Looking fabulous and feeling better than ever!”

Doug McElveen
Mt Pleasant, SC
Hiring a good trainer can get you in shape. Hiring the best trainer in Charleston can impact your total mental health as well as put you in your best shape. Brian has done that for me. Thanks, Brian!
“Hiring a good trainer can get you in shape.”

Carolina Wells
Mt Pleasant, SC
I’ve been working with Brian for the past few months and have truly enjoyed every single one of our sessions. He has a very clever way of getting you to give 110%-while still having fun. His sessions are the hardest, most challenging and rewarding fitness classes I’ve ever taken in my life. His broad knowledge in neuromuscular therapy and his many years of experience in the fitness field in addition to his passion toward fitness and towards life makes Brian a one of a kind trainer. With his guidance, I am in the best physical condition I have ever been and would recommend him without hesitation.
“I am in the best physical condition I have ever been.”

Kate Kerns
Mt Pleasant, SC
I worked out every day for basically my whole life. I never had the muscle definition I wanted until I started training with Brian. For the first time in my life, I could see my stomach, arm and leg muscles. I never get bored with my workouts like I used to when I ran. I look forward to working out because Brian makes it fun and I see the results I want.
“For the first time in my life, I could see my stomach, arm and leg muscles.”

Watson McElveen
Mt Pleasant, SC
Rehab on torn supraspinatus tendon has been phenomenal. Golf swing coming back/avoiding surgery have been goals that have been met. Continue training with Brian to keep up the rehab and conditioning.
“Rehab on torn supraspinatus tendon has been phenomenal.”

Allison Terry
Mt Pleasant, SC
I have played soccer all of my life, including in college at C of C. Continuing to train at that high level was very important to me to keep up my strength and endurance. I have been training now with Brian for over two years through his boot camp classes and personal training sessions. I truly feel that I have kept up my fitness level and would not have been able to do this on my own without Brian.
“I truly feel that I have kept up my fitness level.”

Kathleen Snyder
Mt Pleasant, SC
The Synergy Fitness team provides cutting edge sports training geared specifically for my needs. I’m an adult competitive figure skater and noticed my agility, power and confidence improved on the ice after training with Synergy Fitness for only one month. As long as they are in business, I’ll continue to work with them.
“The Synergy Fitness team provides cutting edge sports training geared specifically for my needs.”

As a leading Charleston personal trainer, I know firsthand that if you don’t back up your workouts with the proper nutrition, and with complete accountability, then you’re going to come up short.

That’s why at Synergy Fitness Studio, we’ve built a comprehensive transformation program which anybody can utilize.

When you work with a Synergy Fitness contractor and choose us to be your Charleston personal trainer or your group personal training provider, you’ll be on your way to major breakthroughs!

  • Say goodbye to flabby arms, jiggly butts, stomach pouches and more
  • Feel confident and comfortable in your body, and attractive to the opposite sex
  • Maximize your energy and crush your stress
  • Increase strength, torch fat, and tighten your physique
  • Receive one-on-one support, coaching and guidance, and a welcoming community

Shed Fat, Tone Up and Feel Sexy – or Get Your Money Back!

Unlike other programs which don’t address nutrition, personalize workouts to your body and your needs, or provide you with support, at Synergy Fitness Studio, our Charleston personal training programs are comprehensive, complete and tailor-made for you.

You’ll be performing accelerated 30 to 40 minute workouts that allow you to get in and out, without wasting your time at the gym. You’ll be blasting away fat and increasing your strength, and you’ll be doing it all in less time than ever.

If you’re sick of wasting time and money, and seeing poor results, then choose  Synergy Fitness Studio as your personal training solution in Charleston. The results not only speak for themselves, as you’ll look and feel amazing — but they’re also completely guaranteed!

Our Exclusive Charleston Personal Training Programs Include. . .

  • Cutting-edge fitness routine personalized for you 
  • Ongoing nutrition support and guidance
  • Hassle-free, done-for-you meal plans 
  • Monthly accountability calls to keep you on track
  • Unlimited coaching with the best Charleston personal trainers 
  • Members only website
  • Members only fitness newsletter 
  • Unlimited fitness assessments
  • Customized workouts and out-of-town training plans 
  • Free access to educational seminars

You’ll get all of this and more, for one price – and if you don’t see results in 90 days, you get your money back!

Synergy Fitness Studio is far more than another Charleston boot camp or gym. It’s a supportive community with full personal training services, massage and nueromuscular therapy, corrective exercise and boatloads of satisfied clients! We have dedicated Charleston personal trainers on hand, and a comprehensive workout, nutrition and fitness package designed to produce sensational results quicker than ever.

Synergy Fitness Studio’s Exclusive Personal Training in Charleston

  • Safe, personalized programs for real people to get great results
  • Tight-knit community with fun, engaging workouts
  • No guesswork with done-for-you meal plans which fuel your body
  • Cutting-edge personalized workouts with multiple levels
  • Unlimited support, 1-on-1 guidance

Your Ordinary Charleston Studio, Boot Camp Program or Gym

  • Unsafe military style workouts and fads
  • Boring gym memberships and repetitive programs
  • Restrictive diets that drain your energy
  • One-size-fits-all workout plans ignoring your needs
  • Left to fend for yourself and lost in the mix after signup

After working with more than 1000 clients and leading 20,000 Charleston personal training sessions over more than twelve years, I’m positive that at Synergy Fitness Studio, we’ll help you reach your fitness goals.

We produce results, and we produce them in a fraction of the time -
I guarantee it.



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Synergy Fitness Programs And Location


Private 1 on 1 Personal Training:

If you are looking for a private personal training and coaching experience look no further. Our private fitness programs include done-for-you meal plans, grocery lists, personalized home workouts, customized studio workouts, and much more. We offer 100% free fitness consultations for those looking for a private training experience. Call 843-410-5650 to schedule your consultation today!


Group Personal Training 30 Minute evening Boot Camp classes:

This is not another Charleston Boot Camp Program. The founder of Synergy Fitness Studio, Brian Devlin, is also the founder of Charleston’s’s top fat loss program for women, formally called BANSB Boot Camps. He later changed the name after learning how most “boot camps” trained their clients. Brian’s’s new 30-min program is perfect for beginners to advanced participants that want fast results. We now allow men and women to workout together — this program has been designed specifically for fat loss and toning.


Sport Specific and Corrective Exercise

Synergy Fitness has become world renowned for our work with injured deconditioned individuals and professional athletes. Why such exteme differnces? Well it is simple. Movement dysfunction and impairment in a deconditioned individual can be just as damaging to aprofessional athlete. Synergy’s founder Brian Devlin realized this and has adapted the programming to repair not only achey knees and joints but also increase athletic performance by increasing the efficiency of movement at a kinesthetic level. Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Daniel Moskos and Anehiem Angels Pitcher Michael Kohn both credit Synergy Fitness with increasing their pitching performance. See thier testimonials below.


Group Workout Times:

Each workout is 30 minutes in duration.
Monday – Tuesday – Thursday
6:00 PM



Synergy Fitness Studio
675 C Johnnie Dodds Blvd
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464


It doesn’t matter how many different programs, infomercial products and fad diets you have tried in the past. The complete transformation package, Charleston personal training or advanced group training sessions at Synergy Fitness Studio is the last program you’ll ever need.

Get ready to look and feel better than ever and receive the coaching and support you need to remain motivated and on track.

We’ll get you ready to take on the world, get on the fast track towards real success and completely transform your body. Shed fat, tone up and feel amazing today – and get started today!


Brian D.
SynergyFitness Studio

PS. You’ll never regret the day that you choose me for your new Charleston personal trainer. Plus, with my 90-day ironclad money back guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk. What are you waiting for? I’ll see you at the next personal training session at Synergy Fitness Studio!